Who would’ve thought that the domain solder.party would be available? Well, it was for the taking, and now it’s mine! 😀

As some people might know, @enjens and I will take a month and a half leading to 35c3 off, for what we call a #hackcation, where we will sit at @xil_hackerspace and hack on our random projects.

With that in mind, I thought it would be cool to try and document our work, so I will try to post here (in addition to Twitter) once a day (or a week, we’ll see how this format works). I think a blog offers more flexibility than Twitter, I can post longer text easily and attach more images than the 4-image limit on Twitter. Also code snippets shouldn’t be a problem.

The #hackcation beings November 19th, unsure if I’ll post anything until then, maybe something about my Halloween costume, if I manage do get it working properly 😉

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