A quick breakout board for the SAMD51

Recently I’ve been researching MCUs that would be a good replacement for the nRF52840 as the main MCU in the Blackberry Q10 keyboard project, codename Fauxberry. The nRF has a few problems that I would like to get around like slow SPI and low number of UARTS (2) and SPI/I2C (3 that can be either SPI or I2C).

Looking at the SAM D5x/E5x family, it looks promising, the variant on this breakout board has 6 SERCOMS UART/SPI/I2C) but there are variants with 8, and SPI can be driven at a lot higher speed. The MCU is a Cortex-M4F running at 120MHz max, it has 1MB Flash and 256KB RAM, the board offers 47 IOs as well as USB Type-C (yay for the future). The family also supports crystalless USB and doesn’t require many passives in general.

The family also offers a wide range of variants to choose from and many of them are pin-compatible:

I think it’s a quite attractive chip family.

Link to the Github repo: https://github.com/arturo182/samd51_breakout

Here’s a render of the board, stay posted for more details when I receive it.

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  1. Louis Parkerson says:


    Is there any update after receiving this board? If it works well I might make one myself.


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