Improved tool for JSON ⇄ msgpack conversion

If you ever worked with msgpack you probably used this tool by Yusuke Kawasaki.
It’s a fairly simple tool for converting between JSON and msgpack, I used it quite a lot. It is, however, a bit limited, the msgpack input is forced to be in a very specific format.
It’s understandable, it was done as a demo to showcase the msgpack-lite library the author also wrote.

So I decided to spend a few hours and whipped out an improved version of that tool, now with proper code editor for JSON with folding and syntax highlighting, as well as expanded input and output support for the msgpack.
You can customize the output format of the msgpack so it will match your tool/library (I think I covered most of the options). The msgpack input also supports all the format possibilities the output generates.
The formatting options are saved in cookies so you don’t have to change them every time you use the tool.

Check it out here:

Let me know if there are some further improvements you would like to see, or even send a pull request! The code is available on github.

It was interesting to go back to HTML/CSS/Javascript back after at least 6 years of not touching any of that. So much has changed since then, it’s even hard to imagine. I’m kinda glad to stay closer to bare metal like embedded programming and HW stuff 😉

But at least I can always laugh at this:


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