Flux Projects

At Solder Party, we always want to get interesting products in people’s hands. However, releasing a product is no easy feat, we need to make sure everything is polished, provide documentation, examples, and support.

With Flux, we want to streamline the process a bit, get fun projects into everyone’s hands quicker.

Flux projects are more experimental in nature. While they are tested and verified, the documentation might not be fully there, and the examples might be very basic. Flux projects are targeted at people who are not scared to put a bit of extra work into getting the project to where they want it to end up. These projects are also produced in smaller quantities, there is no guarantee there will be more produced in the future. Even if there is a new batch, it might differ from the initial version.

These projects are in constant Flux, so to speak.

If there is enough interest, a Flux project might become a fully-fledged Solder Party product in the future, but there is no guarantee.

Still interested? Then Flux is for you!

Available Projects

Last modified September 23, 2022