Handheld Console

This Flux project transforms an RP2040 Stamp into a small handheld console with a 1.3” 128x64 OLED, D-pad + A and B buttons, RGB LED, a Qwiic connector, a power switch, and a speaker.

As the console is powered by the Stamp, you can run CircuitPython on it, as well as Arduino, including experimental support for the Arduboy2 library.

To make it truly portable, you will need a battery. This product does not ship with one, you can use any 3.7V/4.2V LiPo that is around or smaller than 40x30 mm. We recommend the 500mAh LiPo from Pimoroni.

You can find a 3D-printable model for the case on Printables. You will also need four M2x4 screws and four M2 threaded inserts.

The game visible in the photos is the game “Catacombs of the damned!".

Handheld Console

Last modified September 23, 2022