The Carrier is a reference design for the RP2040 Stamp. It comes with a combo SMD/TH Stamp footprint, you can solder the Stamp directly to the Carrier or use 2mm pin headers + sockets to be able to plug it in and out.

The board can be powered from the LiPo, over USB, or with a DC jack.

By using the RP2040 Stamp Carrier, you get everything that comes with the Stamp itself:

  • 8MB of FLASH
  • 500mA 3.3V LDO
  • A Neopixel
  • LiPo supply and charging circuit (with charging LED)
  • A reset button
  • 12MHz crystal

On top of that you get:

  • A bootsel button
  • 3.7/4.2V LiPo connector
  • Qwiic connector
  • Power (3.3V) LED
  • SWD header
  • USB Type-C connector
  • DC Jack

The DC Jack input is center-positive and supports voltages in the range of 7-12V. If you have the LiPo and either DC or USB connected, the battery will begin charging.

The board follows the Uno shield pinout, making it compatible with a large ecosystem of shields, as long as they work on 3.3V IOs. The pins are not 5V-tolerant.

The SWD header follows the Cortex 10-pin standard.

The CircuitPython firmware for the RP2040 Stamp comes with a built-in board file for the Carrier, you can access it using import stamp_carrier_board as board. After that, you can access all the Carrier pins and interfaces like you would with any other CPY board.




Hardware Files

The KiCad hardware source files for the board can be found on Github.







Last modified January 4, 2022