Raspberry Pi Pico Adapter

This adapter was designed specifically to allow driving the Keyboard FeatherWing with a Raspberry Pi Pico board.

RPi Pico Adapter


Solder the Pico either directly to the Adapter board using the SMD pads, or using pin header footprint.

For a less bulky experience, we recommend soldering the pin headers that connect to the FeatherWing in such a way that the plastic part is on the same side as the Pico. See the picture above for clarification.

The KiCad hardware source files for the board can be found on Github.


If you are using CircuitPython, we prepared a board file which you can import using import kfw_pico_board as board. The file allows you to access Pico’s pins and peripherals as if you were using a Feather board (board.D1 etc.).





Last modified August 17, 2021