USB Type-C Plug SMT Pack

If you ever wanted to add a USB Type-C Plug to your design, you probably realized that it’s hard to find one that’s easy to solder, can be routed on 2-layer PCBs, and doesn’t put constraints on your PCB thickness. We’re happy to report this connector checks all these boxes! You’ve probably seen this connector used in our other products.

Because there’s only so many pins you can fit in one row, the connector does not break out all the USB Type-C pins, but there’s enough for most DIY uses. You get the USB 2.0 data pins (D+ and D-), the CC and VCONN pins, as well as two SuperSpeed differential pairs (RX2+/- and TX2+/-). The SBU pins are not available.

As per the USB Type-C specification, the plug has only one pair of D+/D- pins; it’s up to the Receptacle to connect them together or use a mux for more advanced scenarios. Similar with CC and VCONN pins.

The connectors are delivered on a 24mm tape.

For more details about USB Type-C, we recommend this application note or the USB Type-C Specification.




CAD Files

Last modified September 14, 2021