You can also use the Arduino IDE with the RP2040 Stamp by using Earle Philhower’s Arduino core. Follow the instructions in the README file. After installation, the Stamp will be listed as a board in the IDE.


The Stamp comes pre-flashed with CircuitPython, you can download the pre-built firmware from the official website and you can find the source code on github.


A pull request to the official Raspberry Pi RP2040 SDK is on review right now, in the meanwhile you can use our branch to use the Stamp with the SDK.


The RP HAL for Rust Embedded has board files for the Stamp. There’s also an example on using the Stamp’s Neopixel. Thank you to Johan Kristell for this contribution.


Have you ported the RP2040 Stamp to another language/framework/library? Let us know and we’ll gladly add it here!

Last modified January 12, 2022